GET READY to Take Your Gun Mastery to the Next Level with E3 Firearms and Master Instructor Adam Painchaud!
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and in just a few minutes each day, WE will make YOU an Elite Shooter … 
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time shooter or a seasoned operator with decades of combat experience—our adaptable firearms training program has everything you need to reach new levels of confidence and mastery.

Because once you become a member of E3 Firearms Association, you’re instantly plugged into Master Firearms Instructor Adam Painchaud. Adam’s a former Director of the legendary Sig Academy and one of the world’s foremost specialists when it comes to small-unit, close quarters combat.

Capitalizing on 21st Century mobile technology, our program brings Adam’s world-class training out of the shooting ranges and onto your laptop, cell phone or mobile device.

You’ll “download” Adam’s immense expertise through quick, easy-to-follow video lessons, live webinar conversations, E3TV shows, our “members-only” magazine, and much more!

Each member’s experience is unique, and you can take it all at your own pace.
Which leaves you with just one decision...
Which level of membership is right for YOU?
E3 Firearms Association Free Members Enjoy:
Our E3 FREE Membership is perfect for new shooters or anyone who’d like to “try before you buy.” You get instant access to our members-only “In the Bullseye” magazine, you get a few of our most popular Quick Start videos & lessons, and you get basic access to our online & mobile platform.
You’ll only have access to a limited amount of content, but you’ll still get to participate in the community and get a glimpse of what E3 Firearms has to offer …
Our STANDARD Membership is the sweet spot for the majority of civilian shooters out there. You get access to Premium Courses & Advanced Training, you get E3TV, access to our extensive video library, and discounts on E3 training events.

Currently priced at $19.97 per month, Standard Membership costs about as much as taking one entry-level firearms training course each year—except you’re getting 365 days of intensive training instead!
 You’re also getting access to the videos and panel discussions that keep the conversation going—giving you insights into the cutting edge of firearms training.

Our PREMIUM Membership is the highest level most shooters will ever reach—and it offers all the same intensive lessons and insights enjoyed by E3’s Agency clients.

Premium members get access to a whole host of special events, LIVE training sessions, and fringe benefits—like Medical & Trauma training, legal workshops, weekly strategy calls, webinars and more!
If you’re eager to go above and beyond, to really challenge yourself for just $10/month more than Standard Membership, you simply CANNOT go wrong with E3 Premium.
And remember that each level of membership comes with E3’s ironclad

No strings attached. No contracts or hidden fees. If you’re ever less than COMPLETELY satisfied with your E3 Firearms Association membership, just call or e-mail and we’ll cancel your account, no questions asked.
So what are you waiting for?

Start your E3 Firearms Association membership TODAY, and start getting the skill, the knowledge and the confidence you need to win the fight!

  • Free Membership Includes:
  • Quick Start Program (Videos & Audios) Tip and Basics Video Series
  • Members Only "In the Bullseye" E3 Firearms Association Magazine
  • Exclusive Access to the Online & Mobile Platform

Billed Monthly, no set up fee.
  • Your Standard Membership Includes ALL of FREE PLUS:
  • Premium Online Training Courses
  • Video Library - Select Premium Series Individual Tracks
  • Member Messages -Audio/Video- Weekly
  • Pro Shooters Directory
  • "E3TV" TV Shows on Your Platform, TV, or Mobile
Regularly $24.97/month
Only $14.97/month for Limited Time
Billed Monthly, no set up fee.
  • Everything In Standard Plus:
  • Access to all Courses In Training Video Library
  • 35% Off Events/Conferences
  • "Live with the Pros" Group Q&A Calls Weekly/Monthly
  • Live Accelerator Training W/Premium Member Breakouts
  • “Member Day” Only Events Around the Country
  • Online Library
  •  Focus of the Month Strategy Calls (Weekly)
  • LIVE Advanced Training Strategies  Videos, Webinars, Live streams
  • Live Events Hosted by Special Guests
  • Medical and Trauma Training
  • 2nd Access to Exclusive Private Travel & Mastermind Trips with Celebrities and Pros
  • Exclusive Yearly Product Gift Case
  • Private Exclusive Weekends w/ Adam and Team (Invite Only)
  • Legal Room –The Industry's Best Legal Counsel – Live Webinars
  • Partner Alliance Discounts – Secret, Exclusive Discounts from Partner Companies
  • Priority Placement Questions for Live Calls, Streams and Webinars – Your Questions Moved to the Front of the Line
Regularly $39.97/month
Only $24.97/month for Limited Time
Your membership includes a multi-faceted suite of tools, content and live experience all wrapped up into the most comprehensive training experience ever!
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