Join Adam Painchaud... Become an E3 Firearms Association Partner and Share The Newest Elite Destination For Firearm Enthusiasts

“The New Generation” of Firearms Training and Education Experience…
E3 Firearms Association is a one-of-a-kind, customized firearms education and training monthly membership program to help people take their firearms experience many levels higher.
Whether they are new to the firearms community or seasoned professionals, E3 Firearms Association members enjoy an elite, dynamic, and innovative program that keeps its members informed, educated, entertained and trained at a high level with a new generation integrated VIP online and offline experience which is customized for their specific experience level.

We know our market deserves a more valuable experience. One that empowers and educates our audience in a meaningful way… without being bombarded by pop ups, ads, and videos which have little value... while bringing people a truly enjoyable and enriching experience, whether learning a website training course or training out in the field.

President and Founder of E3 Firearms Association Adam Painchaud, formerly Vice President of Sig Sauer, and his high-level team have developed a “new generation” training experience, the elite destination for everyone from life-long firearms enthusiasts, law enforcement and military, to the average person who wants to elevate their firearms proficiency, preparedness, safety, education and enjoyment.

Watch the 4 minute video below as Adam walks you through the program.
Become and Approved E3 Firearms Association Membership Partner and 
 Earn 15% Monthly Commissions FOREVER... 
For As Long As Your Referrals Are Paying Members.

Why E3 Firearms Association Affiliate Partner Program is Different?
E3 Firearms has one of the industry's first hybrid affiliate programs that not only pays you monthly, FOREVER, as long as the member is active, BUT ALSO, pays you a second level of commissions and in multiple ways.

As long as the member you send is active and paying we send you a check every month.

In addition to all that...

As we run promotions and members make other purchases, you get paid again on top of your monthly commissions. Example, if a member decides to buy a special outing event, you would get a commission on that sales even know you did not promote it.

BOTTOM LINE, we want our partners and friends to make money while we are making a positive difference in people's lives.
This is your special invitation to share our mission, and earn revenue,
by becoming a Affiliate Partner of E3 Firearms Association.
A Quick Note On What We Are NOT:

We are not a gun or parts manufacture

We are not a political organization - Although we are second amendment supporters we do not get into political arguments.
We are not a retail company - we do not sell guns or gun parts.
We are not an advertising company - we purposely keep all the "Ads" noise out of the membership and only deliver you great content.  That's one reason we are a monthly membership.
We are not owned or affiliated with any Gun or Accessories company- We want to stay independent as a company and any company we talk about is because we like it.
We are not an MLM or network marketing company - we have an hybrid affiliate marketing program for partners lust like google, yahoo, bing and many others utilize.
We are not on online video company - although we have loads of outstanding online courses, that is only a fraction of the overall experience with E3
What We Are:
An outstanding online and offline hybrid experience for all of the firearms world.  We deliver to our engaged membership the highest of quality, vetted, relevant content, training, and education in a professionally presented way that ensures the ultimate results no matter what level people are at. 

We do that through a sophisticated suite of tools and processes.  From online members portal, to Iphone/android APP, to email and social media communication, to live streaming channels, to live events and conferences, magazines and more...
As a Affiliate Partner, you will receive 15% commissions on your direct referred sales. Since this is a monthly membership, you will receive recurring monthly payments as long as your referrals are a members. Plus, you earn commissions for any additional training or products your referred members purchase. We will actively pursue offering your referred prospects increased membership status and benefits, as well as other up-sell opportunities. 

You can review our membership levels and the high level benefits we provide to members at: 

If you'd like to speak to a member of our team to discus becoming a Referral Partner, call Phone: 855-528-8243  Ext 704.

After becoming an E3 Firearms Association Affiliate Partner, you will receive a welcome email with access to our Referral Partner portal, which includes your referral links to use in promoting which credit you for sales, plus sample email and direct mail copy to send to your prospects, as well as posts for sharing with your prospects on their favorite social media channels.
For More Information Contact Our Team at:
E3 Firearms Association
Brian Johnson, Co-Founder
Phone: 855-528-8243  Ext 704
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