Eliminate the feeling of fear, confusion and lack of confidence.
Get what you need to protect yourself and your family and feel competent because you got trained from a vetted top program and eliminate all the noise and misinformation out there everywhere on social media and you tube.
Online Firearms Training Coming of Age...
This is a REVOLUTION in the ultimate firearms world...
All from the comfort of your home or local range

With Revolutionary Continuum Firearms Training from
Industry Titan Master Instructor Adam Painchaud
Whether your challenge is concealed carry, personal protection, accuracy, product education, automobile carry, tactical training, long range, competition, female operations, EDC and more —these resources provide answers, solutions, strategies you're searching for.
Cancel at any time with no obligation. 
And if you are not FLOORED with the quality and experience you have we will EVEN REFUND YOUR TEN DOLLARS.
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We’ve purposely arranged this offer–to allow you to completely review and appreciate all that awaits you - BEFORE you even join. That way, if you feel these resources aren’t unique, valuable and timely – you need not sign up.   Also, if you like what’s waiting for you here - know that you are welcomed to unsubscribe and withdraw from the program at anytime IF I stop providing monumental value to you.

Try it now! Get all the resources and immediately unsubscribe - if that’s what you want. But if you stay, I’m here to add value to your education, performance and experience. The Ultimate Success Force is here to provide a continuous source (and positive force) of elevated thinking and multiplied results for you/for your firearms Lifestyle.

I welcome you into our group and I know the contributions we’ll make will deliver bigger  increases in performance, clarity, confidence and education and greater success.


My goal for E3 Firearms Association is really very straight forward. To help you take your firearms lifestyle, training and goals to whole new levels. To provide you with actionable strategies, education and entertainment you can use to grow your experience beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with, and become friends with some of the leading figures in the training and tactical world.
Master Instructor
Adam Painhaud
As Seen In:
Evolving Training & Tactics into the 21st Century
Continuum Training isn’t a “Weekend Warrior” experience …
This isn’t just another 4-hour crash course on the basics—where the instructors barrage you with lessons you’ll forget before the month is out.

This is a REVOLUTION in firearms training.

Combining cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology with the expertise of Master Firearms Instructor Adam Painchaud, our Continuum Training program can turn YOU into a more capable, more competent and more confident shooter in just a few minutes a day.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a master shooter looking to refine your craft … or a novice who’s just starting out, E3 Continuum Training delivers the kind of results you simply can’t get anywhere else …

We’re able to do that by giving you direct access to Master Instructors, “personalized for your level” courses, an extensive library of vetted research & support materials—and much, much more.

Just take a look at what’s included in E3’s Continuum Training Program:
Quick-Start Essential Tips by Category: to bridge the gap between skill levels and give you the confidence you need to make the most out of Adam Painchaud’s master training.
Members Only magazine: keeps you in tune with the community and up-to-date on the latest trends in training and firearms—all from your phone or mobile device.
Advanced Training Strategies: empower everyday civilians and avid shooters with the same proven methods & tactics that professionals count on to win the fight. It’s easier than you think to take your firearms mastery to the next level with E3.
E3TV Live Interactive Webinars: provide a members-only, informal, educational forum where members can pose their questions and get eye-opening insights from top trainers & experts.
VIP Shooting & Training Sessions: bring all your hard work and learning out onto the range for a challenging & eye-opening experience that will change the way you think about firearms training.
Members Only Events, Conferences & Exotic Travel: E3 keeps a busier, more exciting and more educational travel schedule than ANY other firearms trainer out there—bar none. From members-only conferences to all-inclusive, super-limited trips to tropical locales—E3 has it all.
E3 Weekly Podcasts: provide you with quick, practical & legal insights that are perfect for your drive to work.
With such a wide variety of lessons and features, Continuum Training is designed to help each shooter find their own way—regardless of starting skill level …
Discover Your Personalized Path
With Adaptive Continuum Training
Continuum Training isn’t a
“one size fits all” solution either …

Based on your program preferences and level of membership, the E3 system will automatically adapt to present you with course material, lessons and tips that are perfect for your personal skill level.

Additionally, each segment comes with a special Quick-Start guide designed to bring beginners up to speed—and get experienced shooters on the same page as the instructors.

So if you’re just getting started, an entry-level membership is perfect for walking you through the basics. But if you’re looking for more of a challenge, our higher-level Advanced programs will be perfect for you.

It never hurts to go back over the basics, though …
Especially with the guidance of Master Instructors like Adam Painchaud, it can be extremely helpful to go back over what you know, step-by-step, to overcome old habits and re-learn better practices.

The choice is yours!

No two subscribers experience Continuum Training the same way, and that’s exactly how we like it.
Your training experience will always be custom-tailored to you—and it will always come with the insight & expertise of top firearms instructors …

Train with the Master: Adam Painchaud
Adam Painchaud is one of the world’s foremost firearms instructors — and as a former Director of the Sig Sauer Academy, Army Ranger, Federal Agent & Municipal Police Officer, he’s done it all …

As a Master Firearms Instructor, Adam is considered one of the world’s top trainers on Small Unit Tactics and Advanced Training. Leveraging his unique and immensely valuable skill set, Adam’s instruction empowers civilians and agencies with the knowledge they need to win the fight.

Throughout his 22 years of active duty & reserve experience, Adam kept running into the same problem time and again—specifically the limitations of modern firearms training …

He saw that his students would take a few classes a year, at best, but then forget practically everything they’d learned in the months between.

That’s how E3 Firearms and the Continuum Training Program came to be … with the expressing goal of providing continuous, easy-to-use firearms training that could empower, educate and entertain students at all skill levels.

What members have said:
BY FAR the most comprehensive online training I have experienced.
-Sean Manning
I can't believe I have had guns and did not know what I did not know.  These guys really opened my eyes to what is really needed to protect my family.
-Lawton Family
Top notch training from the best master instructors I have seen.
-Dr. Stamp
Awesome Dudes.  I recommend this program to anyone who wants to carry a gun.
Your membership includes a multi-faceted suite of tools, content and live experience all wrapped up into the most comprehensive training experience ever!
Since skill level and personal goals can vary so widely from shooter to shooter, we’ve created THREE primary membership levels with access to different levels of training, benefits, and even 1-on-1 lessons from the Pros …
Our E3 FREE Membership is perfect for new shooters or anyone who’d like to “try before you buy.” You get instant access to our members-only “In the Bullseye” magazine, you get a few of our most popular Quick Start videos & lessons, and you get basic access to our online & mobile platform.
You’ll only have access to a limited amount of content, but you’ll still get to participate in the community and get a glimpse of what E3 Firearms has to offer …
Our STANDARD Membership is the sweet spot for the majority of civilian shooters out there. You get access to Premium Courses & Advanced Training, you get E3TV, access to our extensive video library, and discounts on E3 training events.

Currently priced at $19.97 per month, Standard Membership costs about as much as taking one entry-level firearms training course each year—except you’re getting 365 days of intensive training instead!

You’re also getting access to the videos and panel discussions that keep the conversation going—giving you insights into the cutting edge of firearms training.

Our PREMIUM Membership is the highest level most shooters will ever reach—and it offers all the same intensive lessons and insights enjoyed by E3’s Agency clients.

Premium members get access to a whole host of special events, LIVE training sessions, and fringe benefits—like Medical & Trauma training, legal workshops, weekly strategy calls, webinars and more!

If you’re eager to go above and beyond, to really challenge yourself for just $10/month more than Standard Membership, you simply CANNOT go wrong with E3 Premium.
And remember that each level of membership comes with E3’s ironclad NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO-RISK GUARANTEE!

No strings attached. No contracts or hidden fees. If you’re ever less than COMPLETELY satisfied with your E3 Firearms Association membership, just call or e-mail and we’ll cancel your account, no questions asked.
So what are you waiting for?

Start your E3 Firearms Association membership TODAY, and start getting the skill, the knowledge and the confidence you need to win the fight!
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